About Us

Bridge Nisisi youth chapter was formed for purpose of providing a forum for the youth of Kiamaiko/Huruma village many youth have been involved in crime and drug abuse and facing a lot of harassment from the police. Many youth in our village participated in post election violence due to lack of education and employment. Poverty and illiteracy in Kiamaiko and Huruma have leaded them to these social ills.

Bridge Nisisi was formed to engage the youth in social economics activities to find solutions to their problems.

Our Work

The objective of the group is:

1. Develop skills to youth who are indulging in crimes and drugs abuse, in promoting healthier lifestyles.

2. Engage youth in peace and reconciliation activities through sports and clean up clinics.

3 .Promote important values of respect for all, diversity and inclusiveness and patriotism in Kiamaiko and Huruma

4. Promote the prudent and sustainable management of economic, environmental and human resources of the community.

5. Social dialogue with the youth and local authority.

6. Helping youth to access national identity cards.

7.Event organizing

Getto green Nisisi youth chapter

Getto green  NI SISI IS a community based youth chapter registered with ministry of gender  and social development  .Getto  green was formed by youth of Huruma grogan  village which has fifty members registered  under the  group.The group is involved garbage collection and disposal,acrobat, performing  and classical arts , providing  security to the community  members also we assist in the Christ chapel  orphanage  by nurturing  their talents and also involving them in the co-curriculum activities  getto  green  is also involved in walk against crime in Nairobi Kenya.

ID registration in Huruma