Anthony Mwoki – Who is the chairman of Brigde Nisisi Youth chapter shared his testimony on  his involvement with crime  in Huruma and kiamaiko and his journey as reformed youth from crime and his desire to help other youth to reform from crime  in the area  and engage in income generating activities under the Yes youth can program  , through acquiring skills  for handcrafts making   from Members of Zakale Nisisi Youth chapter that has been formed within the Zakale Creation by Milton Obote   who is also a reformed youth from crime in area and a role model for other youth to abandon the life of violence and criminal activities , The Zakale Nisisi Youth chapter  will  help to transfer skills  of  handcrafts making with recycled materials to other youth in Huruma who are organized within the Nisisi Youth chapters.

                                             Gacheke Gachihi

Gacheke Gachihi is a social justice activist and a Pan-Africanist, who has been in the human rights movement in Kenya for a decade. He is a member of Bunge la Mwananchi (peoples Parliament), an organic grassroots based social movement in Kenya, which he participated in its formative stages, to create a nationwide grassroots social movement, with organic Bunge la Mwananchi chapters across the country. Gacheke is also a community organizer and is involved in establishing community based resource centres. Such centres act as another wheel to locate the social movement in the diverse communities in Kenya in order to forge a nationwide collective identity and bring social transformation.

Muchangi wa Nyaga who is also a leader of Getto Green Nisisi Youth chapter welcomed the idea of holding a event of walk against crime here in Kenya  and involving the community, Getto Green Nisii Youth chapter are involved in Garbage collection and acrobats in Huruma and they also assist in the Christ Chapel Home, Also they have income generating , activities where they have a base for fruit juice making.

Reuben Waweru Wambui- Aged 23, Is a member of Bridge Nisisi youth chapter born and brought in Kiamaiko Huruma, He is a footballer with Imara FC community club in Huruma sports ground.

He is involved in Walk against crime, and community mobilizer of Nisisi Youth chapter in Huruma. Reuben organizes youth in community dialogue through Kenya Kwanza campaign for National Cohesion and Integration commission, for peaceful coexistence.

During the Month of February Waweru and other leaders of Bridge Nisisi Youth chapter organize campaign of ID registration in the campaign named. MY ID My Vote my future



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