Walk Against Crime

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Minutes of Walk against Crime held on 23rd may 2012 at 5.00pm at Inuka Office in Huruma


1)   Gacheke Gachihi- Nisisi Coordinator

2)   John Mucheru Kangara- Zakale Creations

3)   Anthony Mwoki – Bridge Nisisi Youth chapter Kiamaiko

4)   Reuben Waweru- Bridge Nisisi Youth Chapter- Kiamaiko

5)   Muchangi Nyaga – Getto Green Nisisi Youth chapter- Grogon Village

6)   Lenard Ndegwa – Community Media

7)   Gloria Ndunge- Christ Chapel Children Home

8) Elizabeth Nyambura-Community Transformers- Mathare

9) Javin Ochieng- Map Mathare

10) Darlington kariuki-Mwangaza Ni sisi

13) Michael Kamau- Mwangaza Nisisi

Absent with apology.

  1. 1.      Bakari Juma- KSEEEP
  2. 2.      Milton Obote- Zakale Nisisi
  3. 3.      Franco Sakwa – Bunge La Mwananchi Mathare


1)      Mapping the route walk.

2)      Budget

3)      Establishing committees in planning   of the walk

4)      The Date of the Walk 7/7/2012

ü  Mapping the route of walk.

The members discussed the importance of the coming up with a simple root map drawn from Police head quarters to Huruma sports ground. This will inform the organizing committee   on the important stopover scenes during the walk to create awareness on police reforms and the role of Nisisi Chapters in community policing  youth  empowerment and peaceful coexistence  in our in the slum.

ü  Budget

The budget was read to members and relevant final modification made, to the budget which was to inform the activities of the walk and was to be attached to the concept to be sent to the partner’s organization.

The date of the walk was confirmed to be 7/7/2012, starting at 8am from the Police Headquarters  Vigilance House to Huruma   there to follow a community forum and exhibition  in Huruma Sports Ground  by community based organization on arts against crime   and Nisisi youth chapters  role in community  peace dialogue  and income generating program

ü  Establishing committees

Four committees were formed.

  1. Coordinating committee
  2. Media and publicity committee
  3. Resource mobilization committee
  4. Entertainment and security committee
  • Gacheke Also reported that the chief Justice had indicated that he was willing to participate in the walk against crime and the organizing committee needed to  visit his

Office to inform him about the progress

  • It was proposed that letters   and concept paper be sent to Inuka, RPP, and IMLU  in order to seek support from this organization to support the walk.
  • Anthony Mwoki also informed the meeting the need to pay courtesy call to the Police Headquarters and seek the Participation of the Kenya police in the Walk, which members supported and the organizing committee was to plan a day for the visit.
  • Visit to the area District officer and Huruma Police Station was also planned and  Muchagi Nyaga the chairperson of Getto Green was to organized for the visit.
  • Darligton Kariuki from Mwangaza Nisisi informed that the Nairobi Nisisi Board  had discussed the idea and they were willing to support the walk to help create awareness against crime and Nisisi initiative for youth income generating program and YYC youth  in Nairobi
  • John Mucheru updated the meeting on planned Walk in London that was going to happen on June and important of the youth groups in Huruma and Kiamako developing social Enterprise and youth projects that can help to fight crime which is one objective of the walk and the exhibition.

Minutes by Elizabeth Nyambura

Community Transformers Mathare-


The walk against crime is idea that was developed by four community based group in Huruma and Kiamaiko village in Nairobi that are involved in various community social economic activity to reduce crime and create environment of peaceful coexistence and help youth to create self-employment through nurturing individual talents through arts, community theater, traditional and contemporary dance, and bead work making through recycled materials.

  • Kenya Social Education Economic Empowerment Program (KSEEEP) and ZAKALE CREATIONS.  Are community based organization that deals with various community activities for income generating and rehabilitation of youth through Zakale creations.KSEEEP has various social program  that employ  youth  in arts against crime   that uses   handcraft making , necklace and earring , through recycled  materials that are sold locally and abroad through Zakale Creations  workshop that is based in Huruma.The main objective of this program is to engage the youth in sports and social economic  activities so they can   reduce free time used in taking drugs and crime and engaging in other anti-social activities in Kimaiko and Huruma village.
  • Bridge Nisisi and Getto Green Nisisi Youth chapters, This are community based youth chapters   in Huruma and  Kiamaiko  village  with  150  registered  youth members formed  under the  USaid  Yes youth can Program in Kenya that is being implemented  by Inuka Kenya Trust in Nairobi the objective of the  program is to help  build  the capacity of youth to  be able to have  economic and civic engagement activity  that can bring social transformation and create source of livelihood to the youth in the area.

Sine early 1990’s, the youth in Huruma, and Kiamaiko estates were engaged in taking drugs, carrying out criminal activities as well as prostitution. This exposed them to situations high level of poverty, violence, and being in prison for number of years, not to mention HIV/AIDS scourge. That left many of the youth vulnerable to be exploited by political class and the ruling elite during post-election violence of 2007/ 2008. It is this reason that the said community based youth groups have come together to organize a campaign against crime and violence in Huruma and Kiamaiko.


The Walk against crime campaign also aims to create awareness on the potential and talents of  the transformed youth in Huruma Kiamaiko,through income generating activities, Micro finance, Theater and Sports, this to inspire  the youth and  help to recruit  youth in Kiamaiko and Huruma in  Nisisi  youth chapter.  KSEEEP will also be carrying out a recruitment drive to encourage other reformed youth to join the  community based groups in the area  in transforming their lives through Yes Youth can program and the Zakale Creations . Hence making Kiamaiko a better and safe place to live, work, invest and play for the youth.


To inspire and promote youth social economic empowerment through behavior change among the youth in the society, this will be achieved through the showcase of income generating projects by Zakale Nisisi, Bridge Nisisi and Ghetto Green Nisisi Youth chapters  that are   involved in arts against crime of  bead works and handcrafts making   with recycled materials,  Garbage collections and has employed dozens of reformed youth who earn their daily bread from this workshop based in Huruma,  other youth  bunges  are involved in other activities like Sports, theater, dance, and acrobatic from KSEEEP and other community based groups in the area.
The Walk against crime will aim to motivate the youth to develop their skills and get involved with income generating, forming cooperative savings groups, sports, and community theater for social justice in Huruma Kiamaiko.

The Walk against crime will be held in one day starting with walk in the morning and ending with a community Forum in Huruma sports ground with invited speakers from the government official and community leaders who will seek to highlight the achievements of the youth chapters in Huruma and the opportunity available to them and how equip the said youth with tools and skill that can help to overcome social economic challenges in the area.
The walk against crime campaign will   commence 14 July 2012 from the Police headquarters, passing through Starehe   Police division at Pangani Police station, to Mathare Chief Camp, and stop over at Huruma police station. This is to create awareness and civic education on the new constitution and Public participation in monitoring reforms in the Kenya Police services and judiciary for efficient and accountable criminal justice institutions, the walk is expected to attract 1500 youth and other members of the community and social movements in Starehe constituency.

Concept by Committee Planning WAC NAIROBI

1. Bridge Nisisi Youth chapter

2. Ghetto Green Nisisi Youth chapter


5. Zakale Nisisi Youth chapter

6. Map mathare organization



Members Present.

1)   Gacheke  Gachihi- Community Facilitator Inuka& KSEEEP

2)   John Mucheru Kangara- KSEEEP & Zakale Creations

3)   Anthony Mwoki – Bridge Nisisi Youth chapter Kiamaiko

4)   Bakari Juma – KSEEEP

5)   Reuben Waweru- Bridge Nisisi  Youth Chapter- Kiamaiko

6)   Muchangi Nyaga – Getto Green Nisisi Youth chapter- Grogon Village

7)   Milton Obote – Zakale Nisisi Youth chapter – Huruma

8)   Yussuf  E. Mwawasi- Getto Green Nisisi  Youth Chapter –Grogon Village

9)   Gloria Ndunge- Christ Chapel Children Home

10).Helen Scanlan – Zuri Design UK.


Njoki  – KSEEEP & Christ Chapel Board.


Introduction of the members present

Background of the idea of Walk against Crime

Walk Against Crime and Objective.

The Meeting started at 3pm and with a introduction of members present from various youth groups in Huruma and the visitors by John Kangara from Zakale Creations who had convened the meeting.

  • Gacheke from Inuka Trust , shared the background of the idea of Walk against crime and its objectives linked to youth and crime in Huruma area  and  the interventions that  Zakale creations was  doing   to rehabilitate youth  who were involved in crime and the interest of youth Nisisi youth  chapters in Huruma  under the  project of Usaid (Yes youth can program)  implemented by Inuka Trust in Nairobi to partner with community initiative  in helping youth to   create opportunity for economic empowerment and  peaceful culture, within the slums area that which  affected by post-election violence in2007 that involved youth in large number.
  • John  Mucheru also  shared  the reason of the Walk against crime and its origin from  Members of  Zuri Desing  who support the work of the Zakale Creation , and the planned walk against crime in London that will feature members of Zakale Creations  Milton Obote and John Mucheru in highlighting the work of Zakale creation that make handcrafts with recycled material and have workshop in Huruma that employ dozens of youth that help  to keep them away from crime, the walk in London also  fundraise and support various social program within KSEEEP in Huruma  and create awareness against crime and youth in London and Nairobi.
  • Anthony Mwoki – Who is the chairman of Brigde Nisisi Youth chapter shared his testimony on  his involvement with crime  in Huruma and kiamaiko and his journey as reformed youth from crime and his desire to help other youth to reform from crime  in the area  and engage in income generating activities under the Yes youth can program  , through acquiring skills  for handcrafts making   from Members of Zakale Nisisi Youth chapter that has been formed within the Zakale Creation by Milton Obote   who is also a reformed youth from crime in area and a role model for other youth to abandon the life of violence and criminal activities , The Zakale Nisisi Youth chapter  will  help to transfer skills  of  handcrafts making with recycled materials to other youth in Huruma who are organized within the Nisisi Youth chapters.
  • Muchangi wa Nyaga who is also a leader of Getto Green Nisisi Youth chapter welcomed the idea of holding a event of walk against crime here in Kenya  and involving the community, Getto Green Nisii Youth chapter are involved in Garbage collection and acrobats in Huruma and they also assist in the Christ Chapel Home, Also they have income generating , activities where they have a base for fruit juice making.
  • Helen Scanlan  from Zuri Desing appreciated greatly the meeting and informed  on how the youth groups in the area can create a website to create the awareness of the Walk against crime here in Kenya.
  • It was proposed that the Zuri desing website that created for the walk in London be shared with the Walk against crime here in Nairobi,
  • The meeting suggested the walk against crime here in Kenya be held few days before the walk against crime in London that two members of the Zakale Creations were going to participate.
  • Helen Scanlan was to share the planed date for the walk in London in the month of June with the committee Planing walk against crime   in Nairobi.
  • Members also agreed  on the route map of the walk that will be held in the morning starting from Police headquarters ( Vigillance House ) with a petition   being  given to  the new inspector general of kenya police service under the new constitutions, highlighting the  concern of the citizens and the role of community in participating  and monitoring  the police reforms.
  • The afretnoon session after the walk was to show case and exhibit youth talents and the work of Zakale creations in the workshop in Huruma and it role in rehabliting youth in crime
  •  The Nisisi Youth chapters were to use this opportunity to educate youth to speak against crime and show case the role of community platforms and self help grouping in creating income generating projects  under the the Yes youth can program.
  • Conducting community mapping to indentify the community resources    that can help the Nisisi youth chapters in creating community resource centre, for youth recreations and sports.
  •  The members who attended the meeting were to convert themselves to the planning committee of the walk against crime in Nairobi the next meeting was schedule on Monday  12/033/2012 in Inuka office Huruma at 4pm.

The Meeting ended with a word of prayer from the Director of Christ chapel Chirdren home Gloria Ndunge.

Minutes By. Gacheke Gachihi- Community facilitor Inuka& KSEEEP

Coordinator Walk against Crime in Huruma

ggacheke@gmail .com

Telephone  0720318049


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